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​Copyright KushPak,Inc. All rights reserved.

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 Michael Nielsenis Regional Vice President of KushPak, Inc. located in Reno  Nevada. Michael’s career has spanned over 40 years’ with experience in building and operating  businesses in technology, operations, logistics, and supply chain environments.  Michael began his  career as a tool & die journeyman in the early 80’s and since has held Sr Management and VP  positions in medical devices, aerospace, technology, packaging and services companies. 
   Prior to joining KushPak, Michael has been active in established and startup businesses,  wholesale distribution and electronics businesses. Michael has extensive experience and a  successful track record in global markets such as Europe, Asia and Mexico.
   Prior he was VP of Operations for NJOY a market leader in the electronic cigarette category and  was responsible for product development, distribution, importing, supply chain management and  the growth of the electronic cigarette category.  Prior key roles with NJOY, Applied Materials,  Northrop-Grumman, Rohr Inc., Becton-Dickinson  

    Key Competencies
   Purchasing/Supply Chain: Michael has extensive experience managing suppliers for medical  devices, e-cigs, consumer electronics, aerospace and semi-equipment.  Michael has managed  domestic and international suppliers from Europe, Mexico, and all parts of Asia.
   Operations and Logisitics: Since early in Michael’s career he has been engaged in operations  from concept to product delivery in medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace, e-cigs, semi  equipment as well as all delivery aspects of logistics both domestic and importing.   Sales and      Customer Service: Michael has provided contract administration and customer service to some of  the largest companies in the world (Boeing, Airbus, Intel, Motorola, Siemens and many more).

​ Geographies: Michael has extensive experience and a successful track record in global markets  such as  Europe, Mexico, and all parts of Asia.
 Michael studied Business Administration as University of San Francisco and received a Production  Engineering certification from Rohr Inc.