Jack Leadbeater

CEO and Founder of KushPak, Inc.     

     Jack’s career has spanned over 40 years’ with  experience in building and operating businesses in technology and professional services environments.  Jack  began his career as a SW developer for IBM in the early 80’s and since has held CEO and VP positions in      multiple private and public technology and services companies. 
     Prior to founding KushPak, Leadbeater has been actively consulting in established and startup data center  businesses, wholesale distribution and electronics businesses. Jack has extensive experience and a  successful track record in global markets such as Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and South America.
     Prior he was CEO of NJOY a market leader in the electronic cigarette category and was responsible for the  formation of the company and the growth of the electronic cigarette category.  Prior roles include as a securities  broker/analyst for a billion dollar private investment fund having success assisting companies through  traditional equity transactions and through various styles of debt transactions such as convertible debt,  preferred or high yield mezzanine transactions. He was Chairman and CEO of Osage Systems Group a US  based publicly traded network infrastructure and SUN/Oracle/EMC computing solutions company. Leadbeater  was responsible for taking the company public on the Nasdaq/AMEX exchange in late 1998 and for its growth  to $100M+ in sales. Prior roles include Chairman and CEO of DCS Systems a Canadian based SUN, Intel,  Motorola, Oracle, HP systems sales and software development company specializing in hardware integration  services and web-enabled, database software application development primarily for the oil and gas sector.
Key Competencies

Financing: Jack has extensive experience as a licensed broker/analyst for a billion dollar private investment  fund (hedge fund).  He has completed multiple funding transactions in the distribution, medical, technology and  general business categories.
Strategic Roles: since the early days Leadbeater has been engaged in many startups and early to mid-stage development companies many as Founder and CEO of the organizations. Jack has successfully raised in  excess of $100M for his companies over the years.
Sales and Marketing: Jack has experience ranging from sales rep to CEO.  He has worked for companies such  as IBM, Xerox, Basic Four and TTS Telecom both in sales rep roles and as a senior manager. As well  Jack has  years of experience driving successful private venture companies in senior roles.
Geographies: Leadbeater has extensive experience and a successful track record in global markets such as  Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and South America.


Mr. Leadbeater earned a Bachelor of Commerce (Business) degree with honors in Marketing.

About Us
KushPak is a full service provider of specialty packaging products, concepts  and solutions. Our mission is to take advantage of our 30 plus years of experience in  sourcing products and packaging solutions from Asia and providing these cost effective solutions to our clients. KushPak has a dedicated team in Asia that affords the company the ability to provide factory direct,  top quality solutions for all your packaging needs at attractive prices.

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